Community Needs

​Ever since his work as a fair housing administrator, Senator Metts has been a fighter for our community’s needs.

✓ Restored funding for RIPTA’s bus pass program for the elderly and handicapped

✓ Created the Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program

✓ Sponsored legislation to stop landlords from discriminating against Section 8 tenants

✓ Co-sponsored legislation to take guns away from domestic abusers

Ending Systemic Racism

Senator Metts has fought alongside community justice groups, such as DARE, to combat systemic racism.

✓ Introduced legislation to remove "Providence Plantations" from the state's name

✓ Removed discriminatory licensing barriers to increase employment opportunities and restored voting rights for the formerly incarcerated

✓ Championed the Police-Community Relationship Act to prevent racial profiling and unjust stop and frisk procedures

Education Equity

Education is the biggest civil rights issue of our time. Ever since his days as a high school vice-principal and coach, Senator Metts has supported Providence's youth.

✓ Secured an additional $300 million for Providence Public Schools 

✓ Championed state funding for English Language Learners

✓ Increased funding for early childhood education by $8 million

Workers Rights and a Living Wage

Born and raised in the South Side, Senator Metts knows first-hand the struggle of Providence's working families and he has supported working and underprivileged people his whole life.

✓ Supports $15/hour minimum wage

✓ Championed raises for nursing home workers

✓ Fought to include Obamacare benefits in Rhode Island Law